Designed by seafarers for seafarers we understand the logistical nightmare of setting foot on board a ship. Whether it’s keeping track of your sea service, training dates, expired certificates or simply finding that document to share with your employer- which is why we created my-ankaa.


my-ankaa provides a secure digital portal and app for all members to store documents, track and analyse sea time and even search for your next job. my-ankaa will send document expiry alerts and news alerts straight to your phone and remind you of your next training course amongst many other features.

Upgrade to a premium member account to enjoy additional storage, advanced profile settings and a whole host of additional features.

Key features include:

Profile & Privacy

Create and update a secure digital profile. Our enhanced profile and privacy settings put you in control


Upload and store your documents securely and access them anywhere, any time.


Receive certificate expiry alerts ensuring compliance at all times


Track and record your total sea service and assignments with system features to analyse your sea service

News & Announcements

Receive company communications, my-ankaa updates and news from the Marine world through a regular news feed


Add events, training courses and other key dates into your calendar and let my-ankaa remind you in advance

*(Members should note that this list is not exhaustive, is subject to change and may not cover all flag states or recognised providers)

Additional Features, Coming Soon

We are consistently striving to add additional features to your my-ankaa experience. Soon you’ll be able to search for jobs, apply directly through the app and search for training service providers. All from the comfort of your mobile!


Our easy-to-use search function allows you to search by job title, location, rank and vessel type. Apply directly through my-ankaa and share your Digital C.V. with employers instantly.

Service Providers Guide

Find relevant, flag approved training centers and medical practitioner listings with ease.*


Corporate Membership is also available, providing a secure online space for all of your employee profiles and certificate portfolios, and acting as a unique dashboard for Corporate HQ, Captains and Management. All of your crewmen, all of their certification, all in one place.

Contact us today to find out how Corporate Membership can help improve efficiency, ensure safety, and bring a multitude of benefits to your organisation.


Providing the most powerful interactive marine recruitment tool on the market with live data on availability, sea service and certification, my-ankaa turns the traditional recruitment process on its head.

Recruitment takes a lot of man hours. Just think about the time it takes to not only find the right person, but check their documents, make copies, chase up new certificates... and the list goes on. Imagine finding the right person for the job in a matter of minutes and being able to view and download their documentation straight away… you can with my-ankaa.

Job Postings

Job vacancies posted are visible to all my-ankaa members (with only the exception of Corporate Members, who are linked to their current employers only).

Interested seafarers can apply for the position directly through the portal, meaning that you can view and shortlist the right candidates at the touch of a button and contact them directly to access their current documents - all of which can be sent securely through my-ankaa, too.

Candidate Search

Recruiters have access to our wide membership database, allowing them to search for suitable candidates based on specific ranks, qualifications and availability amongst other search criteria.

As Premium members can choose to keep their profile private when they are not looking for employment, you’ll only ever be able to see active and available members.

Candidate Shortlist

From both candidate searches and job postings, suitable candidates can be shortlisted for the next stage, all through the my-ankaa recruitment portal. Cut down administration time, find and hire the best seafarers through my-ankaa

If you are interested in becoming a my-ankaa recruiter and accessing a pool of fantastic seafarers please contact us!


Looking to reach marine professionals worldwide?

my-ankaa puts you directly in front of our global membership of marine professionals, both sea and shore based.With its unique operating platform, global reach and interactive membership; advertising at my-ankaa can be highly effective. my-ankaa provides seafarers with a unique and powerful system which plays a big part in their day-to-day life, providing a new dimension to your advert reach.

Advertisements with my-ankaa can reach vast numbers of seafarers, either through online advertising on our web portal, or pushed to their mobile devices through the my-ankaa app.

Third party advertising is channeled to all my-ankaa members (with the exception of Corporate Members, whose content is controlled by their corporate administrator) providing instant access to a global pool of active seafarers.

Whatever you’re looking to advertise, my-ankaa can help you reach a global audience of seafarers.

For more information on how you can advertise to the world’s seafaring community please get in touch.