my-ankaa is a secure digital portal and app to for all members to store documents, track and analyse sea time and even search for your next job. my-ankaa will send document expiry alerts straight to your phone and remind you of your next training course amongst many other features. Upgrade to a premium member account to enjoy additional storage, profile privacy and a whole host of additional features.

US$ 7
Document Storage 5 documents 40 documents
Build and Share Profile
Document Expiry Alerts
Track and Analyse Sea Time
Calendar and Event Notification
Document and Assignment Privacy
Build a Professional CV, automatically  
Advanced Privacy and Visibility Settings  
Email Documents Externally  
Include Attachments with your Profile  


Corporate Membership is also available, providing a secure online space for all of your employee profiles and certificate portfolios, and acting as a unique dashboard for Corporate HQ, Captains and Management. All of your crewmen, all of their certification, all in one place.

Contact us today to find out how Corporate Membership can help improve efficiency, ensure safety, and bring a multitude of benefits to your organisation.


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With its global and targeted marine audience, helps advertisers engage with the Marine Community by utilizing the various channels offered. my-ankaa provides all mariners with a unique and powerful system that they utilize in their day-to-day life regardless if they are looking for a job or a specific service. This provides a new dimension to the reach of your advert.