frequently asked questions

You'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my-ankaa here

What is my-ankaa?

my-ankaa is a global mariner portal that revolutionises the way seafarers manage their documents and interact with the marine community.
my-ankaa is a secure digital web portal and mobile app that enables you to;
  • Store documents
  • Track, calculate & analyse your sea time
  • Record calendar events
  • Share documents with ships masters or company
  • Receive document expiry alerts, notifications and timely reminders
There's a host of additional features that makes my-ankaa essential for any savvy seafarer and with job vacancies, professional CV builders and much more planned for the next release, you'll soon wonder what you did without it!

What membership options are available?

Standard membership is completely free for everyone. If you would like access to more document storage, send your document links via a secure URL and benefit from additional privacy settings amongst many other features then sign up for premium membership plan.
Click here to visit our membership page for more information

What’s the difference between a free membership and a premium membership?

The free membership offers several features including storage for up to 5 documents, sea time calculation, assignment tracking and expiry alerts in advance of certificate expiry. You can also send your profile with personal details, listing of documents and assignments directly to a prospective new employer, at the click of a button.

Premium membership offers all the features of free membership, but with larger storage for up to 40 documents and the option for advanced privacy settings.

Premium accounts also have access to a professional CV builder. By keeping your documents and assignments up to date, you can export a CV directly from my-ankaa - a real time saver!
Click here to visit our membership page for more information on the membership options

How do I get a membership?

Click here and complete the short membership form.

After submitting the form, you will receive an activation link in your email which you must click on to confirm your account. Once confirmed your log in details will be sent to you and you will be able to start using my-ankaa.

I didn't receive an activation email or login credentials email.

First please check all your mailboxes for an email from including the spam or junk folder. If you find it please mark our email address as a safe sender so that you can receive further updates from my-ankaa.

If you’ve looked in all your folders and still can’t find the email, please contact us and our team will help you get started.

Help, I have forgotten my password.

No problems,click here enter the email address you registered with and we'll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Can I sign up from my phone?

While signing up for an account from your mobile is possible, we recommend that you set up your initial account on a desktop computer as you will find it easier and faster to input the information. Once you have your profile completed, keeping it up to date can easily be done from your mobile device.

Why should I complete the profile?

In order to get the best out of my-ankaa and access features such as analytics, sea service records and expiry alerts, we recommend that you complete your profile and upload your documents.

Completing your profile will also be of great assistance when you are seeking a new position - you can share your profile with prospective employers on the Free Account, or Export a professional CV with a Premium account, detailing all your assignments and documents (apart from those you have selected to keep private).

What’s the biggest file size I can upload?

While we do our best to resize your images it is helpful if you can make sure your document files are all under 10MB. Any files over this size may cause issues and may not be supported.

How secure is my-ankaa?

Quite simply, my-ankaa uses the same security systems as many top online retailers, so you can be rest assured that your details and documents are safe with us.

Our platform is hosted on one of the most secure cloud platforms , which comes with the highest level of security for any such online portal. Our payment gateway, is PCI DSS compliant and is audited regularly to ensure that we continue to meet the very strict standards. For more information, please click here

Who can see my details?

The information on your profile is only visible to you, unless you choose to make it public. If you have a free membership, you can choose to share your details with approved MLC registered or other manning and placement agencies or recognised ship owners/operators. Premium members have access to additional privacy controls and can choose whether they are visible to these recruiters or not.

With both membership levels, it is important to note that only your profile will be visible along with your sea service. Your documents may only be shared once you have given your authorisation.

Can I keep some documents/assignments private?

Yes, simply use the privacy features in Documents and Assignments section for keeping some documents/assignments private.

Can I share my documents with my HR manager or prospective employer?

Premium members can send a URL giving access to their documents at the tap of a button, without using up lots of data - which we know is important to seafarers!

If I send a link of my profile/documents/assignments to someone, how long will they have access to my information?

While all accounts are set at a default of 10 days, you can determine how long external links to your profile are active for.

To change these please log in, go to Settings and scroll down to the Preference section where you can choose the default length of time for your links to be active for. Choose between 1, 10, 20 and 30 days.

Will you share my details with any other 3rd parties?

No, unless you give explicit consent by choosing to keep your details Public. Even then only selected and MLC approved manning agencies or recognised shipping companies will be able to view your profile. However they will not be able to access your documents unless you give them permission. We will not send you spam with 3rd party offers.

The app isn’t available for my phone handset. How do I access my-ankaa?

Don’t worry, you can still access the web portal through a web browser on your mobile. Please visit while we work on an app for your specific handset.

When do you take payment?

When you become a premium member you agree to a membership plan. The amount is taken from your account on the 1st of every month, one month in advance.

How do you take payment?

Our payment gateway is PCI DSS compliant and is audited regularly to ensure that we continue to meet the very strict PCI DSS standards. Once you provide your card details you will be signed up to a membership plan and the amount is debited from your account on the 1st of every month.

I don’t understand VAT.

As a company registered in the UK we must charge all EU citizens VAT (Value Added Tax) at a rate of 20%. If you live outside the EU or are not liable to pay EU VAT, please ensure you check the box to declare this on the membership plan sign up page.

I have an idea or I have feedback for the app.

Fantastic, we are always interested to hear how we can improve the portal to make your life easier! We would be delighted to hear from you so please contact us with your ideas and comments.

How can I deactivate my membership?

Before you begin this process, we would like to inform that after you deactivate your membership, you will no longer have access to my-ankaa portal and the information stored in it. If you would still like to deactivate your membership, write to us by clicking here and confirm your deactivation request. We will then deactivate your account at the earliest.

I still need help...

If you have a question that we haven’t answered in the FAQs please get in touch!